Infrastructure Facilities

Infrastructure Facilities-Section 1

Innotec is one of the largest manufacturer of Stainless Steel Hardware with the wide range of hardware products, each product is passing through rigorous quality test. We have highly developed and modern infrastructure facility, that is been divided into 4 different units commanding the firm’s operations in the best possible way. The total area of the different units is 28,000 sq.ft. With constant dynamism, innovation and expansion with technological up gradation we are always moving ahead with time-tested motto of product quality and customer satisfaction.

With the highly advanced state-of-the-art infrastructure we have maximize our reach and productivity on highly regular basis. The company infrastructure is parted into a number of highly operational units in order to manage the firm’s operations in the most efficient and effective manner. The company is equipped with all the necessary machinery and equipment, facilitates several of the firm’s predefined goals and targets. Our in-house product development staff work continuously to improve and perfect the product line and tirelessly work on valuable inputs of the clients. We have in house R&D

The highly advanced state of the infrastructure, modern machinery, skilled man force and ultimate management is key source for our best quality products.

Infrastructure Facilities-Section 2